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Acute cases

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The treatment of the flu is the treatment of an acute infectious disease. It is similar to the treatment of colds, light and medium injuries, various other acute inflammatory processes such as otitis, tonsillitis, pharyngitis, laryngitis, acute bronchitis, tracheobronchitis, rhinitis of various origins, conjunctivitis, other acute inflammatory processes in the urogenital system and so on and so forth.

For all these diseases, informational therapy is generally the best method because the body has not yet been chronically damaged.

However, even with severe chronic diseases, these verbal homeopathic preparations can be a good adjunctive therapy. They combine with absolutely any treatment, and any preventive method, taking up to one third of the healing process. When using them, they strongly reduce the side effects of various treatments using heavy chemicals. Of course, when the patient is already in an advanced stage of cancer, diabetes, heart, kidney or respiratory failure, too little can be done other than provide some relief. Verbal homeopathy™ is, however, indispensable in the prevention of all severe diseases, including genetic diseases during pregnancy; in all severe cases, including severe trauma and the onset of all severe chronic diseases such as diabetes, chronic bronchitis, asthma, chronic allergies, gastritis, enterocolitis, colitis, hypertonia, ischemic heart disease, even in the early phases of dilated cardiomyopathy. It affects remarkably the initial stages of various hormonal dysfunctions, preventing or disallowing their aggravation. It works flawlessly with all other methods of treatment and significantly increases their effectiveness. In practice, people who have been treated since they were babies, and before that, with homeopathy and have never discontinued this treatment, do not actually suffer from chronic diseases and reach a ripe old age, except if involved in an accident.

Monopreparations can be created, as well as complexes of spoken homeopathic preparations with appropriate attenuations and their respective characteristics for each disease to which the homeopathic method is relevant.

That is actually not a system for healing but a new way of life that you can teach your children to as well. Informational treatment in children may start before conception and during pregnancy with the so-called eugenic care for the fetus. After that, the prevention in the now born healthy and normal child continues throughout their entire life. Informational preparations cover the entire spectrum of prevention of the side effects of various vaccines,  indisposition from colic caused by artificial feeding and neuralgia during tooth growth. For children who are cared for in this way, the acute and allergic diseases are much fewer and if they ever occur, they can be controlled again with the help of verbal homeopathic preparations and soft conventional methods.



Here is how to prepare a complex for high blood pressure, which is caused by constant nervous stress, insomnia, bereavement, systematic overeating, alcohol and cigarettes abuse, sedentary lifestyle. It is generally considered that the systematic overloading of the nervous system gradually leads to the reduction of its regulatory function with regard to blood pressure. The preparation is complementary when it comes to high blood pressure due to a serious kidney disease, heart or endocrine system disease.

1. Nux vomica – strychnine tree.

Indications are:

1.1. Nervous syndrome with spasms, general hyperreflexia, hyperesthesia to noise, odors, touch. Temper Dysregulation Disorder associated with irritability, anger, aggression. Insomnia in overworked people who wake up at 2-3 a.m. and have difficulty falling asleep again. Migraine in overworked and stressed people. Spastic high blood pressure. Urinary retention with false urge.

1.2. Digestion syndrome with furred tongue with yellowish-white coating, nausea, constipation with false urge, drowsiness after meals, itchy and painful hemorrhoids.

These people are nervous, anxious, irritable, quick tempered and very active. They show intolerance in the face of the tiniest obstacle. They work in conditions of overloading and office problems. Their way of life is sedentary, they abuse alcohol, coffee, tobacco, they overeat. They gradually come to a blockage in an emotional and psychological plan.

2. Gelsemium sempervirens – yellow jasmine – creeping shrub of the Gelsemiaceae family.

Indications are:

2.1. Nervous syndrome with anxiety because of prior experience of a future disturbing event at night. Headache at the rear of the head. Depression, memory impairment, tremors due to emotions or bad news. The effect of emotional shock and mental blocking, which may be accompanied by diarrhea and poliuria. (frequent urination in small amounts or in drops of urine).

3. Aurum metallicum – metallic gold.

Indications are:

3.1. Reactive depressive syndrome in adults. Excess activity and cheerful mood, followed by depressive symptoms that are obscured. Frequent and intense outbursts of anger. Huge irritability, where the tiniest contradiction causes anger. Feeling of disgust and anger towards work. Suicidal thoughts.

3.2. Cardiovascular indications associated with high blood pressure, hot flushes and congestion (engorgement) in the head. Heart excitement and extrasystoles (premature heart beats that can be followed by a big break). Feeling as if your heart stops and starts again with a jump, bouts of suffocation, a feeling of fear and anxiety. Stenocardiac pain on exertion.

These are hyperactive, over-ambitious people with a great sense of duty and strong pride. They often abuse alcohol and stimulants.


4. Sulfur

Indications are:

4.1. Cardiovascular indications associated with high blood pressure with a sense of warmth, tinnitus, vertigo. Tachycardia and dyspnea (shortness of breath) that causes the patient to wake up at night, and also occurs on exertion. Feeling of heaviness on the chest. The preparation is used in most patients with diabetes with obesity as supportive treatment.

4.2. Stomach-bowel syndrome with gastritis, enterocolitis, colitis, liver and bilious migraines, constipation with burning hemorrhoids. All this is associated with overeating and alcoholism.

These are hyperactive, outgoing people with enormous power and ambitions. They can often speak more than do real work. They are impulsive and react violently to difficulties with fits of anger. They can often be aggressive. Under the influence of fatigue they can become lazy, negligent and messy. Often they cannot be relied upon, despite their loud claims for super abilities.


5. Glonoinum – dynamite

Indications are:

5.1. Cardiovascular indications related to sudden increase in blood pressure in hypertonic patients, sudden occurrences of congestive (blood inrush) headaches, hot flushes, a feeling of fullness and tightness around the neck, stenocardiac crises, sudden heart excitement, paroxysmal tachycardia (extrasystole fits – hurried heart beats), which is related to distorted vegetative nervous activity.  All this may be caused by sudden emotions, bad news, sunstroke or heatstroke.

These are active, nervous and ambitious people who react violently to the circumstances in life. They are predisposed to vascular-accidents: myocardial infarction, stroke.


6. Lachesis muta – Bushmaster venom

Indications are:

6.1. Alcoholism with digestive disorders and painful, hypertrophic liver.

6.2. Nervous syndrome with alternating activity and hyper-sociability with depression. Many phobias: death, poisoning, being plotted against, snakes. Extreme jealousy and trust issues, frequent sighs and extremely strong sensitivity to touch, and tightness especially around the neck. Sense of pressure and suffocation around the heart area while falling asleep, fear of relaxation. Pulsating, congestive headache. Hot flushes. High arterial pressure, tachycardia and a feeling of anxious tension.

These are active, ambitious people who work under extreme stress and nervous tension. They tend to take stimulants. They control everyone and everything around them. They exhibit unusual zeal for their younger brothers and sisters, friends, spouses, parents, colleagues, bosses.


7. Arnica montana – Perennial plant of the family Asteraceae (or Compositae).

Indications are:

7.1. Cardiovascular indications – decreased capillary and arterial resistance, arterial protection in hypertension and coronary disease patients. The preparation is used in all cases of cardiovascular overload and is a vascular protector. It has great influence in the presence of hematoma of any origin, inflammation of the arteries in complicated atherosclerotic plaques, traumatic hematoma, risk of hematoma with varices (varicose veins) and embolism. The preparation is often life-saving because it gives the patient time to react even in very severe cases. It is irreplaceable and has no alternative, even in allopathic (traditional) medicine in brain injury and complications following from it.

7.2. Muscle fatigue – the effects of sports overload, including of the heart, the effects of long walking, climbing, heavy physical work, insomnia due to excessive fatigue, a state of febrility as the effect of fatigue.

7.3. Traumatism – the preparation is used in any kind of attack, accident, injury, falls, especially in brain injury. Arnica is irreplaceable in pre- and post-operative treatment, and during labor because of its role of a vascular protector (prevents bleeding, hematoma, sharply reduces pain).


8. Baryta carbonica – barium carbonate

Indications are:

8.1. High blood pressure due to arteriosclerosis in adults. The preparation is used to prevent aging and motor and mental complications in cerebral vascular damage (cerebrovascular events, such as ischemic strokes).

Once you have the phial, make a list of what you have to say and the attenuation that you will use.

In this case:

1. Nux vomica 100 CM, or MMM, or MMMMM

2. Gelsemium 100 CM, or MMM, or MMMMM

3. Aurum metallicum 100 CM, or MMM, or MMMMM

4. Sulfur 100CM, or MMM, or MMMMM

5. Glonoinum 100 CM, or MMM, or MMMMM

6. Lachesis muta 100 CM, or MMM, or MMMMM

7. Arnica montana 100 CM, or MMM or MMMMM.

8. Baryta carbonica 100CM, or MMM, or MMMMM.


Thus the complex, which you will be saying, is ready.

Now take the phial filled with 2/3 clean water and 1/3 ethyl alcohol

and start to utter the ingredients one after the other:


1. Speak loudly and clearly: Nux vomica 100 CM, or MMM, or MMMMM.

Close the lid and shake vigorously.


2. Speak loudly and clearly: Gelsemium 100 CM, or MMM, or MMMMM.

Close the lid and shake vigorously.


3. Speak loudly and clearly: Aurum metallicum 100 CM, or MMM, or MMMMM.

Close the lid and shake vigorously.


4. Speak loudly and clearly: Sulfur 100CM, or MMM, or MMMMM.

Close the lid and shake vigorously.


5. Speak loudly and clearly: Glonoinum 100 CM, or MMM, or MMMMM.

Close the lid and shake vigorously.


6. Speak loudly and clearly:  Lachesis muta 100 CM, or MMM, or MMMMM.

Close the lid and shake vigorously.


7. Speak loudly and clearly:  Arnica montana 100 CM, or MMM or MMMMM.

Close the lid and shake vigorously.


8. Speak loudly and clearly: Baryta carbonica 100 CM, or MMM or MMMMM.

Close the lid and shake vigorously.


The complex has a preventive and healing effect.

During prophylaxis it can also be given once daily to younger people over 30 years, and even below that age, if predisposed and live in conditions of acute stress. For greater loads doses may be increased. It is advisable that the preparation be taken for at least six months each year.

The effect therefore is that in practice cardiovascular and neurological problems, for which high blood pressure is one of the main prerequisites, do not occur before a very advanced age is reached. Of course, it is better to combine it with other preparations for cardiovascular disorders.

With age, the doses may be increased. There are no side effects and no restrictions in reception. In acute conditions and nervous breakdowns the preparation can be taken every 10-15 minutes (pressure overloaded heart, bad news, emotional shock, loss of various nature, overheating, severe environmental conditions). The preparation can be successfully combined with Ignatia amara, which is the main medicine for mental shock of any kind. Not accidentally, in some homeopathic schools the Ignatia is called the “cemetery” medicine. However, this is the preparation that can protect you from serious diseases resulting from emotional shock: diabetes, Hashimoto’s syndrome (autoimmune thyroid disease), ischemic heart disease, severe depression, multiple sclerosis, cancer. Often people who suffer a serious loss in their lives or are subjected to constant severe stress will, within months of a couple of years, develop severe chronic diseases that are practically difficult to treat or are not treatable. Ignatia amara, taken repeatedly for at least a month or two, and sometimes years after the dramatic experience, virtually eliminates the possibility of this happening, especially if taken immediately and repeatedly. Say Ignatia amara CM, or MMM, or MMMMMM. It can be combined with other, deeper-reaching preparations for “loss” such as Natrium muriaticum, Lachesis muta, Phosphoricum acidum. In order to do this, however, additional information is needed.

Ignatia is virtually Arnika on an emotional level.

But to return to the preparation for high blood pressure.

In already ill people, it is compatible with any kind of treatment (medication, as well as high-tech, e.g. using a pacemaker, or having surgery performed). In severe cases, verbal homeopathy™ takes up to 30% of the treatment. It stabilizes the main treatment and substantially eliminates the side effects of allopathic (chemical) medications. Spoken homeopathic preparations have significant therapeutic effect even in the most severely ill. This type of homeopathy does not allow the emergence and growth of other comorbidities and thus prevents the rapid decline of the organism in conditions of severe chronic disease. For example, it can not cure insulin dependent diabetes of the second type, but will have a strong preventive and suspensive effect on the neurological and vascular complications of the disease.

In more severely ill patients, preparations must be taken consistently 4-5 times a day and in a crisis – more often times, even every 10 min. while awake. In practice there is no limitation on the number of administrations there.

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