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Dilutions in verbal homeopathy




The dilutions in verbal homeopathy are the same as used in traditional (conventional) homeopathy. The C symbol comes from “Centum”, which is Latin for hundred and M for “Mille”, a thousand. For more details, see Chapter “The higher the dilution, the more powerful” again.

5C – very low dilution, which has little effect and its impact is mainly on the physical body. In homeopathy (not in verbal homeopathy), these are dangerous dilutions because they still contain molecules of the original substance. In prolonged taking, these preparations may cause severe homeopathic crises and  aggravation of symptoms. A lasting deterioration may be had. This is particularly true for products such as: Tuberculinum, Sulfur, Hepar sulfur, Mercurius sol., Pulsatilla, Silicea, Thuja. Therefore, great care must be exercised when working with them. They work safely only in verbal homeopathy, but the effect is weaker than of those with a higher dilution.

9C – still a low dilution that may be seen as medium level in some homeopathic schools. It works very well mainly on the physical level. This dilution is far safer for a long reception that a 5C dilution, but it must still be taken with caution. In verbal homeopathy there are no such dangers.

15C – a medium dilution in some schools. It has a good effect at the physical level, including on earlier diseases that have certain emotional components. There are no side effects and it is completely safe. Homeopathic crises are present like in any other homeopathic preparation.

30C – a high dilution in some schools. Has a good effect at the physical and the emotional level. Completely safe.

200C – a medium dilution in other homeopathic schools. Has a very good effect on the physical body, including many emotional states.

1M = 1000C. Medium to high dilution in some homeopathic schools. Has a very good effect on the physical body, including many emotional states having a chronic origin.

10M = 10.000C. High dilution with exceptional efficiency. In acute cases, it is incomparable with the lower dilutions. It works very well in chronic diseases too, both at the physical, and the emotional level.

50M = 50.000C. High dilution fully comparable to 10M. The difference is not significant.

CM = 100.000C. Very high dilution. There is exceptional performance in all cases. Influences the human organism at a very deep profound level.

MM = 1.000.000C. A dilution, achievable only by radionic machines. The effect is very powerful and profound in every respect.

100CM = 10.000.000C. A dilution, achievable only by radionic machines. The effect is extremely powerful in all conditions: acute and chronic. The effects are very profound.

MMM – and so on. From here onwards, everyone can decide for themselves on the dilution they need, according to their individual condition. Our research has reached up to 12 times M – MMMMMMMMMMMM. The effects here are truly impressive, especially in light and medium chronic conditions, with daily reception. Good maintenance and parallel therapy also in more complicated conditions. You can use them as both verbal complexes and as mono-verbal preparations. Of course, everyone is free to continue to dilute verbally and study the healing effects.

For those who would like to learn and are interested in the method and the different complexes, you can buy the book: “On the Strength of a Drop – Homeopathic Complexes”. The book describes over 90 complexes, referring to the most common diagnoses in medicine. Over 350 different verbal homeopathic preparations have been developed.

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