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I have been engaged in and treating myself using homeopathy for many years now.  I am teaching many people who pass through the diverse directions of this art and attain the innovation I am about to inform you about on their own.  A great number of my observations and conclusions I made in conversation with them, and also with people having nothing to do with this, for which I am grateful.

How do I begin with all newbies?

I know that the art of homeopathy, when carefully studied and correctly applied, has some advantages that other methods of treatment do not possess:

– Homeopathy has no side effects and is absolutely safe.

– Homeopathy can and should be studied at school.

Homeopathy should be free and can be manually made by everybody.

– Homeopathy has an effect on the deeper reasons for the problems of the physical body.

– Homeopathy has an effect on the damaged emotional and psychic condition of the treated, which in fact underlies most of his or her problems in life.

– Homeopathy shows that the material world is dependent on and is practically entirely subordinate to various and very powerful energy effects which lie beyond our perceptive ability. These can, however, be touched.

It is time to give thanks to somebody. A person who had the courage to summarize the entire world’s experience in one theme, which has eluded (us) in our search for super complicated, expensive but unnecessary things. Beyond Word Publishing and ATRIA BOOKS have brilliantly published Dr. Masaru Emoto’s book, where he shows in an impressive way that water absorbs and understands our speech and spontaneously and intelligently reacts to all types of information. This has fluently complemented my knowledge in homeopathy, where water also absorbs the information of various poisonous substances and stores it in a non-specific manner even when nothing has been left of the original substance. This summarizes and affirms the achievements of a school of Russian scientists who attain the same results in the years.

And thirdly, I have had an insight that in Genesis the same striking expression is repeated over and over when discussing the most important, the Creation: (Gen. 1:3) And God said, Let there be light…, (Gen. 1:6) And God said, Let there be a firmament in the midst of the water…, (Gen. 1:26) And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness… SAID, SAID, SAID…  This is the first creation, where man is strong and responsible for his fate and practically has no problems.

In Chapter 2, however, there is the second creation, where man was of the dust, of substance and is afterwards, because of his disobedience, visited by many troubles and pains.

Then I remembered the memorable phrase uttered by the inventor of homeopathy Dr. Samuel Hahnemann explaining how his method of treatment works: “I remove the substance and leave the power.” Perhaps the same applies to man and behind the visibility of our own bodies our true strength and might hides, and that is in the power of the WORD (the spoken thought). Which is why we simply need to put it in action, touching upon one of the many ways – Verbal homeopathy™ .



Another very important thing happened to me that altered my beliefs in the standard homeopathic method. About ten years ago I was treating my son who was ill quite often and would too frequently take in antibiotics and paracetamol. I turned to homeopathy in the hope of discontinuing this state of affairs. Everything was well, when suddenly, after a couple of months of treatment, strange wounds began appearing on his elbow and knee flextures, the so called atopic dermatitis. The doctor said that these would most probably disappear after puberty, that is, in ten years’ time, and until then he should be treated with preparations that contain cortisone. There was, however, no force in this world that could make me use it. Cortisone has over 200 side effects. It is only admissible as a life saving means, which our case was not. And this is why I didn’t use it. But my kid was embarrassed to play with the other kids and the kindergarten teachers told us that he had better not go there until the wounds were healed. I continued treating him only using homeopathy but the result was not particularly good. I consulted various homeopaths but the eczema would come back again and again. A lot of time passed. I read through everything there was.  You probably realize that I have almost every possible homeopathic medication at home. Despite all, the eczema wouldn’t go away. Homeopathy schools, and manufacturer companies both would recommend to use one medication, or contrariwise – to use several separately, all produced by them. Take these drops, or granules, for a while, and wait. Thus homeopathy turned out to be a method that in more complicated cases could only draw you away from it, and hence, from true healing. We alternated consecutively, and then simultaneously, the ideas the two main schools had:  Stramonium /I had forceps to help me give birth to my son/, Calcarea phosphoricum and Mercurius sol., corresponding to the sensitive type, and then Sulfur, Arsenicum, Belladona and Rhus tox., Petroleum and so on and so forth according to the symptomatics. They would vary constantly; they would abate and in a shorter or longer while, but no later than 2 or 3 weeks, start again. We also altered the attenuation.

I had to transcend the dogmas of homeopathy because I had this inner conviction that the principle of likeness was true but the method of application – not exactly. According to the various schools, the patent medicines are either compatible or not, they either interfere or help each other, in some schools the key to determining the medication is the psyche, in others it’s the physical symptoms.  Then, nearly desperate, and according to the black box method, I mixed one general preparation using all known dermatitis medications. I could now make my own homeopathic preparations since it turned out that they are very easy to make and that this is carefully hidden from people as it will practically make sales pointless. So I made a collection of homeopathic medicines that compensated for the mutually exclusive symptoms in a given illness. These made groups of 7 or 8 preparations in about 8 phials. The total number of medications used was about 70. I started giving him all of them in the utterly exotic attenuation of 10M, several times a day.

And oh miracle! my child was cured in virtually a couple of days and the problem was resolved once and for all after two years of fighting it. Thus, in my joy a new and important discovery was born. To me it equaled the invention of the wheel and the ideas given at the beginning of this book. I had created homeopathic complexes in very high attenuation and I no longer paid attention to homeopathic dogmas.   They proved to be a part of the matrix that has always prevented the development of this art, probably for the same old reason – profit. And it also turned out that this discovery did in no way contradict Hahnemann’s ideas. He recommended it himself as alternating all antipsoric means every day for a prolonged period of time or forever. I modified it from the very development of time because we live in a world where chronic diseases are trivia from a very early age and there are almost no people with a completely healthy immune system. Allergies, chronic otitis, rhinitis, bronchitis, dermatitis, obesity – all these are mass diseases from early childhood. You, reading about this method, will probably modify it on your own too.

Then I made one more step, after reading about Dr. Masaru Emoto’s discoveries. I then realized that I could apply Dr. Emoto’s methods on homeopathy and transform it into an a lot more accessible and effective method of treatment. This concerned the very making of homeopathic preparations. It turned out that water not only stores our thoughts and actions but it also conscientiously preserves our words. Every word (verba), applied correctly in homeopathy, leads to the innovation to which I have devoted this book and your attention: Verbal homeopathy And so was Verbal homeopathy born, the homeopathy of the Word, which proved to be a new method of treatment with unexpected possibilities, because:

– it gives you the chance to obtain the needed medicine in seconds, as long as you have some water near you.

– it gives you the chance to achieve, again in seconds, attenuation that is unattainable for traditional homeopathy, and even if they could be produced, this would take a machine many months. It turned out that the new verbal preparations are far stronger because what is hardly affected by traditional homeopathy, can be treated much more efficiently by the enormous attenuation of Verbal homeopathy™.

– it makes it possible to use preparations that simply do not exist in traditional homeopathy; animal and plant venom from which no homeopathic dilutions have been made but whose lethal effect is well known.

– makes it possible to work with information coming from radioactive elements much more safely. And these are preparations having great power and effect.

– makes it possible to influence other areas of life as well, such as unemployment and poverty, loneliness and lack of self-confidence, embarrassment and fear.

– makes it possible for everyone to take their health in their own hands and to be less and less dependent on ready-made medicinal preparations.

– makes it possible to attain at no cost the results of radionic machines that function based on the same principle but cost hundreds or thousands of dollars.

More than 200 years ago Hahnemann realized one more thing – that if the power of true healing lies in the invisible, which is limitless, then medicine based on the invisible should also be free and openly accessible.

“When the state is convinced in the necessity of completely prepared homeopathic medications, it will decree that they be given to doctors free in order for them to be able to give them to their patients, both rich and poor, at no charge.” Dr. Samuel Hahnemann

Why is it possible that treatment is really free and at the same time absolutely effective, and often with no alternative, you will lean from the book you are holding. True health has nothing to do with medical insurance, expensive medicines and the even more expensive medical equipment. And then we will only have the emergency service, surgery and the treatment of the decreasing severe chronic cases and genetic malformations!

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