Verbal Homeopathy™or Your Health for Free.Homeopathic products can be made using words.

On the power of a word

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In order to apply this new method of life, all you need is to be able to SPEAK and have a phial with a pipette and some clean water at your disposal. Nothing else but this book, of course.

Why do we need WATER?

Life on our planet was created through water. It is in water that billions of years ago the first basic life forms were born, the first prokaryotes, the first living creatures. From there did all other countless life forms spring to create the diversity of today.

The role played by water hints that information systems (Word and Thought) of a certain divine order were employed in it, ready to gradually construct all life forms from the most primitive to the most advanced and complex ones. Water is the matrix that absorbed the first tones and lights (sound and light waves) that later built the foundations of the limitless forms of physical life.

This is why we can put this power to use, sensibly and purposefully, in order to change ourselves.



Recently Dr. Masaru Emoto announced his important discovery that water is a LIVING organism and it can communicate with us intelligently, absorbing the tremendous power of our own thoughts and words. Thanks to a method of his own he managed to photograph frozen water which had earlier received some type of information. Dr. Emoto’s amazing photographs are known all over the world. It is visible on these photographs that water can fixate SOUND, LIGHT and LETTERS. Water literally absorbs the information waves in various forms and reacts to them.  The more positive the information, the more beautiful and better shaped are the hexagonal crystals. In contrast, when the information is negative and the sounds and images reveal what is ugly in the world (ugly thought) water does not form crystals or they are damaged or very distorted. It is thus known that WATER absorbs, records and reacts to our thoughts, words and feelings, i.e. it is capable of a counter reaction depending on the manner in which we have changed it.  In this way we affect our own selves through the power of the divine Spirit in us, through the power of the Word. Whether we use this for good or bad is entirely up to us.

These reflections of his, spoken about for a long time by many researchers from around the world, were confirmed in the many experiments I personally conducted. These experiments led me into a direction that unfolded new and unexpected opportunities of the simply formulated term “water memory”. It turned out that before my very eyes was something that is easily applicable to a place long expected by people.

The world has many plights. Most of them are the result of the world’s understandings of life, craftily imposed upon it by economic models. As a consequence, the life of most people is subject to the eternal fear of illness and the practical impossibility for permanent cure.  In all cases this is accompanied by an enormous expense of energy – emotional and physical. And of a lot of money.

Bold as it may sound, I can say that now there exists a solution to the majority of cases. There is a mechanism for avoiding these deficiencies and again thanks to the memory of water, but in a new way.

This is the method of verbally altered water, according to the laws of homeopathy, or as referred to here, the Method of Verbal Homeopathy™ (water to which the homeopathic substance has been spoken in the appropriate attenuation).

THE METHOD utilizes all of the above mentioned properties of water and accepts all of Dr. Masaru Emoto’s discoveries but while working with the water another principle is implemented – that of SIMILITUDE and that of NEGATION, which underlie a science discovered over two hundred years ago – HOMEOPATHY.



You may have heard of homeopathy, you may even be practicing it, but you have rarely been told that this is a medicinal practice which cures by information and that in most preparations there isn’t a single molecule of the substance marked on the label.

When they hear ‘homeopathy’ the greater part of people decide that this is an alternative method in medicine which is based on natural products and is akin to herb trade. For the majority this is straightforward herb trade. NOTHING LIKE IT!

Those more knowledgeable will say that this is an alternative medicinal method based on similitude, and specifically, that if a given substance in a real dosage has a toxic effect and induces certain symptomatics, when administered in a minimal dosage it can cure diseases with similar symptoms.

What the minimal dosage is, however, hardly anyone of those treated knows. Because if the patient understands this and thinks about it, this may turn his or her ideas of the world and many spheres of life upside down. For the same reason, if someone succeeds in explaining the way in which homeopathy works, they will explain life, and not in the manner in which life is presented to us by biology, medicine and other natural sciences. This is a miracle that no one has managed to unveil so far.

In homeopathy attenuation is so strong (negative) that in a practical analysis of the preparations not a single atom of the initial substance can be found, or said differently, it is completely absent. This is why homeopathy is an informational way of treatment, not a substantial (material) one.  Using the various frequencies of oscillation that it carries and conveys, it changes the internal structures of the organism, that which is invisible and structural and which is termed differently in the diverse mystic teachings: the ether body, the astral body. the electromagnetic body, the invisible counterpart and so on and so forth. Of course, when someone is treated in one of these manners, they must be 100% aware of their spiritual nature and understand that it is exactly their unfaltering trust in God, the realization of the unity of the world and the comprehension of their own responsibility for their own health that lie in the basis of their own health. In this sense, the insight will also come that the greedy, atheistic, selfish and angry thought and word gradually but inexorably give birth to a life full of stress, fatigues and poisonous food. And this has been going on for many generations.

And when under the influence of everyday strain, constant fatigue, frequent surfeit and alcoholism, accelerated aging, hereditary burden, trauma or a commonplace infectious factor (bacteria, viruses, fungi), our organisms are first damaged at a subatomic level, at the level of informational structures.   This distorted basis is consequently passed on to the atoms, the molecules, the cells and finally to our organs and systems. Thus, full of all kinds of poisons that we produce ourselves, we become chronically diseased. We could cure ourselves more efficiently if we could alter the informational matrix that structures us on an internal level. Or, as the creator of homeopathy, Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, said in the Organon of Rational Art of Healing: “The external malevolent factors that harm the healthy organism and distort the harmonious rhythm of life can reach and affect the spiritual dynamis only in a manner which is also dynamic and spiritual. The doctor may remove these pathological distortions (diseases) only by influencing our spiritual vital force with medicines that also have spiritual, dynamic (invisible) effects, perceived by our nervous sensitivity everywhere they are present in the organism.” Thus diseases are influenced on internal levels.

In homeopathy, some extremely potent poisons may be used.  Many of them cannot be applied in medicine in reality: mercury, arsenic, potassium cyanide, mustard gas (a neuroparalytic military poisonous substance), strychnine, thornapple, snake or spider venoms etc.

For example, if the venom of a cobra can, in a single bite, cause severe heart damage, characterized by shooting pains irradiating towards the shoulder and the left arm, chest oppression and tachycardia at a weak superficial pulse, in high attenuation, when there is practically no substance from the venom, it can prevent, soothe and heal such conditions, including stenocarditis and myocardial infarction.

The possible explanation comes from the principle of neutralization of two same-frequency waves with reciprocal phases. Thus one wave suppresses the other and eliminates the precondition for the problem. Last but not least, it is true that our spiritual essence and thoughts have been debased to the level of a venomous snake and this has naturally led to the particular suffering where the heart is the first victim.

Again because of damaging our spiritual qualities and the impure way of life, many of the organs of ill people are filled with poisons and begin to vibrate at frequencies close to those of pathogenic microorganisms. Their bodies become a favorable environment for their fast reproduction. With the gradual interaction between related waves of homeopathic preparations with the organism’s vibrations, the level of vibrations in the person starts to change and he or she, returning to his or her natural rhythm, embarks on a purifying path of healing, overcoming the invasion of foreign pathogenic organisms.

Which is why a homeopathic medication cannot be made from apples or oranges. Their informational structure does not correspond to the damages in the human body and their real dosage is not only harmless but also gives energy to the person, introducing minimal doses of poison. (Practically, all food is poison but in a different degree.)

The results of treatment with homeopathic preparations show that the human body is predominantly a wave-informational, verbal structure that builds the material carrier. Therefore the treatment of damaged informational frequencies of cells is more enduring than the external chemical effect on the flesh carrier, which is but a consequence, not the cause of our illnesses. This is the reason why conventional treatment is not always efficient. The damaging of the patient’s body is at the wave-energy level and even if we extinguish one fire in the organism, in time, the same unchanged and damaged information, especially at a spiritual and emotional level, will start a new outbreak of physical damage. In this sense working with the thought and the word, directed steadily towards the positive side of life and God, yields the most profound results. And homeopathy is a powerful mediator between the physical and the highest spiritual levels.

Naturally, science has no explanation of the way homeopathy works and it is mostly considered to be an empirical science, i. e. science proven through experiment and experience, without any clarity about its real principles and mechanisms of action.

There are different theories about how exactly water receives the information of the main substance and how, despite the constant attenuation, water molecules continue to retransmit to other molecules their ability to have a specific effect. Water is the only substance that changes its magnetic moment under the simple spatial influence of any other substance. Other substances do the same while being irradiated at different frequencies. Under the influence of irradiation, the nuclei are oriented in new and exactly defined ways, which can be observed. Only in water does this variation occur under simple mechanical external influence.

In a word, when we put even a single molecule of some substance in water, a layer of water molecules that now have a different orientation is immediately formed around it. This orientation resembles structurally the introduced substance. If this water is further attenuated, this orientation remains permanently in a part of its molecules. That is, the molecules that have assumed the initial structure will retransmit this quality of theirs to the subsequent dilutions. This remains true even when there is not a single quant left of the original substance. In science this is called water memory. It remembers even the tiniest particles it has touched by recording their qualities and structures.

These recordings can only be destroyed under great pressure, boiling, freezing, electromagnetic radiation or radioactivity etc. This leads to a new change in the magnetic moment under the influence of other, more aggressive factors.

All theories, however, fall in the sphere of the hypothetical. Dr. Samuel Hahnemann’s insight of 1790 remains as well: “I take away the substance and leave the power.” And the more attenuated the substance, the greater the power.

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