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The more attenuated, the more powerful




One way or another, homeopathy has been working for over 200 years despite the lack of a definite theory for its action. Also interesting is the fact that its power increases as the attenuation is increased. Practically, this way the healing effect of attenuation of 1:10 multiplied by 24 is much weaker than a preparation with attenuation of the drop of poison in it of 1:10 multiplied by 10.000 or by 100.000. In order to understand how this works you should know how a homeopathic preparation is made.

Here is the mechanism: Using a pipette, put one drop of cobra venom in a phial, where you have already put 99 drops of fresh water. Shake energetically. Then pour out the contents of the phial in an empty glass and put it upright again. There is one drop of the venom dilution left on the bottom of the phial. Put 99 new drops of water. Shake energetically. Then again pour out the contents of the phial in an empty glass and put it upright again. Again there is one drop of liquid left there. Drop 99 new drops of fresh water on it. Shake energetically. Then again pour out the contents of the phial in the glass and put it upright again. For the 5th time, add 99 new drops. Shake energetically. Now you have an attenuation of the initial drop of snake venom of 1: One or a few molecules of the initial substance can still be found in this dilution. Which is why we continue to attenuation in the same 1:99 proportion. When we have done this for the 12th time and we achieve an attenuation of 1 against a number having 24 zeroes, which is conveniently written down as 12C (hundreds), there is not going to be a single atom of the initial substance in our dilution.  This is practically only water. But this water is one of the best medications for inborn cardiopathy and valve disorders of the heart. It is an efficient and serious preparation for preventing a myocardial infarction in chronic heart diseases. It permeates pain, strangulation, vexatious anxiety. This gives you time and the chance to seek medical assistance in a very serious crisis. Recuperation is afterward about three times as fast. Combined with other similar products, with the same attenuation, Aconitum, Arnica, Latrodectus mactans, Hydrocyanicum acidium, Naja (Cobra), this is one of the most efficient and harmless methods of prevention and healing of myocardial infarction.

In homeopathy dilutions are often used in which 99 drops have been added 10,000 times or 100,000 times in a single phial. These are figures that are only used in quantum physics and astronomy. Meanwhile, such attenuation is much more effective than low attenuation in treatment of acute and chronic diseases. In this sense Naja 10 M = 10,000С is much more effective than Naja 9C.

There is also the so called Avogadro’s number. It is defined by the number of atoms in exactly 12 grams of pure carbon12 isotope (12C). Avogadro’s number has a value of 0.6.10ֿ²², which marks the limit beyond which not a single molecule of the initial substance can be found in the dilution. In homeopathy this is attained at level 12C = the 12th phial of 99 drops.  Any other attenuation, 15C, 200C, 1M = 1000C, 10M = 10,000С is way beyond this limit, i. e. there is physically and chemically nothing in them. If you examine the homeopathic medications in a drug store you will find out that they all have the same chemical composition – lactose or spirit dilution. After making the primary water substance, it is poured over lactose granules, which are then dried and filled in phials which are then dispatched to drug stores. If they have been made using spirits then there will be the same spirit dilution in all phials and nothing else.

Nevertheless, they all work in a unique way and each according to its purpose, i. e. the Royal Cobra preparation will in no way influence a gastritis irrespective of your suggestion or the label on the phial.

It is a known fact that the more diluted the venom, the more powerful its effect. If, for instance, three people having shooting pains in the precardiac area, chest oppression and tachycardia are given three unlabeled phials containing homeopathic preparations with different contents, these will have a different effect after being taken in. If phial No. 1 contains information about Lycopodium (a preparation that has nothing in common with the said symptomatics) the person taking it will experience no change and may continue aggravating. If phial No. 2 contains information about Naja 30C the patient will slowly experience change and will gradually stabilize. If phial No. 3 contains information about Naja 100CM = 100.000.000С the person taking it will experience a much faster and steadier mend, often within minutes or up to an hour. Administration of Naja in a stenocardia crisis not only has a preventive and stabilizing effect but may also provide more time and a better chance at getting to an active treatment hospital and thus save your life in the event of an oncoming infarction.

This supports the claim which is difficult to comprehend for many people and researchers that the power increases when the substance decreases. This explains the maxim of all homeopathy schools that high attenuation influences not only the purely physical symptoms of diseases but also has an effect on the patient’s fundamental psychological conditions. This is exactly what the inventor of homeopathy meant by saying “I take away the substance and leave the strength.” It is a logical conclusion that the more severe the symptomatics and respectively the damage to the physical body, the greater the power needs to be that can heal it. Which is why the attenuation must be substantial in the most severe of health disturbances.

A fact that is even harder to assimilate is that there is no limit to attenuation. And the greater the attenuation, even of the order of MMMMMMMMMMMM, i. e. a degree of attenuation of 1 to 1 followed by 3,600 zeroes, the more powerful its influence and healing effect. Naturally, such attenuation is only attainable through words. It would take a machine several months of work to attain it.

And so, we have arrived at the essence of the method.


Dr. Masaru Emoto has proved that water can be spoken to and that it absorbs and stores everything that is said to it. Water records images, words, written text, musical compositions in a way that is beyond our understanding. Water molecules react amazingly adequately to those vibrations that are harmonic and life-giving, the high frequency ones, producing beautiful hexagon crystals. Conversely, water does not create orderly shapes when affected by chaotic, arrhythmical and distorted vibrations. Water is therefore alive and is able to adapt. There is practically no explanation of how water discriminates between the meanings of words in many different human languages.

This is probably the result of its structure. Let us not forget that water consists of hydrogen and oxygen. Hydrogen is the most common element in the Universe – about 73-75% – and has a commensurable presence in the contents of our star – the Sun. Besides being the most common element in our surroundings, hydrogen is also the most lightweight chemical element and it is colorless, odorless, and monovalent, indeed perfectly suitable to serve as the ideal basis for everything else. In physicist jargon, hydrogen defines the qualitative and quantitative nature of the Universe. The word “hydrogen” comes from Greek and means “water-former” from “hydro” meaning water and “genesis” meaning “birth” or “origin”.  This makes hydrogen the main participant in the process of creation of the Universe.

It should therefore come as no surprise that water is alive and adapts to all types of influence.

And it is for exactly the same reason that we can freely SAY in any language the LIKENESS of our sufferings and illnesses in a physical plan. Of course, not forgetting the respective attenuation (or negation) remembering that the greater the attenuation, the more effective the result.

There are, for example, many people who often have the flu. The influenza is an acute infectious disease for which in medicine there are practically no truly efficient preparations. Decreasing the bodily temperature is not exactly healing but is rather a suppression of the most acute symptom of the disease, while allowing the organism to combat the disease on its own. The flu, however, often carries many complications with permanent consequences. These consequences affect the lungs, the heart, the kidneys, and the immunity levels. The homeopathic method is actually the only one that truly recuperates the organism without any complications, as long as it is properly applied.

An interesting fact is that if we analyze the homeopathic preparations for influenza, we will find out that their internal characteristics show the patient’s terrible emotional condition before contracting the disease: hyper anxiety, unrest (Rhus-tox, Bryonia), anticipatory experiencing of a future responsible or unpleasant event (Gelsemium), insomnia (Nux-vomica), intolerance to contradiction (Nux-vomica), fright, the learning of bad news (Aconitum), the consequences of emotional shock leading to mental blockage (Gelsemium), workaholism, hypertension, alcohol (Nux-vomica). This clearly illustrates the spiritual factors making the body a suitable environment for the rapid reproduction of the influenza viruses. In this sense, it is true that eliminating the flu in this manner we also influence our emotional condition, which makes homeopathic healing completely unmatched in medical practices.

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