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We can buy a homeopathic preparation, which needs to be carefully chosen among a dozen similar, after visiting the drug store or consulting a homeopath. We can mix several preparations or take them one after the other, if not sure how to properly do the mixing. BUT WE CAN ALSO QUICKLY SAY THEM UNTO A PHIAL OF WATER. This way, in just a few minutes, we can produce an efficient healing complex against the flu, or utter a single cure against the flu, whichever we consider most suitable.



We must naturally obey all homeopathic principles in order to make our verbal homeopathic preparation work:

1. When saying the name of the substance or problem, we must always add its attenuation, which must be above 9C, and would ideally be 10М = 10.000С, 100 СМ = 100.000С, МММ = 1000.000.000С, even МММММ or МММММММММ. In our experiments we have reached up to 12 M. I will not forget my own amazement hearing that one of my students had managed to overcome her severe premenstrual syndrome with an attenuation of MMMMMM. We had earlier tried homeopathic preparations with an attenuation of 9C, 15C, 200C, 10M and CM. The effect was that the symptoms were alleviated but there was always something missing. When she made (spoke) a complex of Маgnesia carbonica МММММММ, Folliculinum ММММММ and Progesteronum ММММММ, the problems were definitely settled.  The case in point is a premenstrual syndrome accompanied by a cold, dysmenorrhea and very sharp spasmodic pains during the first two days, while bleeding dark blood. Since then, she has been taking this exact combination and she has had no pains, no colds and no worries.

Information about attenuations is given at the end of the book. This is a very important moment of the making of any verbal preparation because if the attenuation is not mentioned, the water will not get its healing effect and could even, conversely, have a negative effect. It should be mentioned that attenuations of the power of CM, 100СМ, MMMMM have the strongest effect. This is an attenuation that corresponds to a homeopathic preparation diluted at 1,000,000,000,000,000С or an attenuation of 1 to 1 followed by 15 zeroes. If this preparation is to be made, this will require 1 quadrillion phials of 99 drops of water and will take a quadrillion times adding 99 new drops of water in the phial each time. This will take many months. There are no machines in Radionics that can achieve this. Using my method, however, this can be done in seconds.

2. After each utterance the phial must be shaken vigorously in order for the information to be transmitted to all molecules in it.

3. If making a complex of related preparations that, in their entirety, sharply increase the effect’s perimeter, the shaking should be done after each individual utterance of each individual preparation with its attenuation.

In relation to mixing preparations I will quote the inventor of homeopathy, Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, who has this to say about the treatment of chronic and persistent cases: “Each psoric (primary for diseases) occurrence, manifested in the form of one of a multitude of chronic diseases it causes, can never be healed with a single anti-psoric medicine, but requires the use of several of these medicines and even, in the most severe of cases, requires that all medications be prescribed at once.” In his Chronic Diseases treatise, he describes 47 anti-psoric medicines, the leader in that list being Sulfur. He continues by discussing the severe chronic diseases. “In that case (of a severe chronic disease), neither sulfur, nor any other anti-psoric medicine shall suffice on its own; in order for a complete healing to be had, the other anti-psoric medicines must be used, amongst which one or the other should be chosen depending on the symptoms observed and the rules of homeopathy.” And further on:  “I have discovered that in chronic diseases it is best to administer doses not more than two days apart, and in most cases, every day and all the time.” Dr. Samuel Hahnemann.

This is also confirmed by current observations and in practice, where it is established that in cases of frequently recurrent inflammations and existing chronic disease, the patient, who is in acute condition, for instance severe rhinitis against a background of chronic sinusitis, will react with difficulty and ineffectively to a  medication that otherwise demonstrates good efficacy. In such cases the main lesion must be treated starting with anti-psoric medicines and then, gradually following the patient’s symptomatics, reaching to the bottom and the prime cause of the disease. We should not forget the main principle that the more diluted the preparation, the more powerful its effect. Often the homeopathic preparation should be taken for life because the lesions are deeper and have transgressed a certain limit no longer allowing recuperation. In this sense, the costless making of the medicine is not unimportant.

Information on the main types of preparations will be given further in the book.

4. The number of spoken substances in a complex must not exceed 10-12.

5. The phial must have a dropper because the newly derived dilution is an informational one and should not be contaminated. When drinking it, the mouth should be clean and the lips should not touch the dropper.

6. The phials should NOT be kept near electromagnetic fields or temperatures exceeding 50°C or lower than 4°C.

7. Ethyl alcohol 70% can be added to the water in the phial (not exceeding one third of the dilution). This will prevent the appearance of harmful microorganisms in the water without affecting the information contained in it.

8. When the phial is nearly empty and there is only a small amount of water left on the bottom, you can add 2/3 clean water and 1/3 ethyl alcohol and then shake vigorously 20-30 times. This is how we reach the next level of attenuation. Practically, any medication is immortal as long as we do not destroy or contaminate the phial.

9. Always shake the phial before drinking in order to dynamize the information again. The more you shake, the stronger the effect. Take a few drops with a clean mouth. You can take several different preparations one after the other. There are people who have many and severe diseases. With stenocardia, for instance, you can take a couple of preparations: for high blood pressure, for maintaining cholesterol levels and for the respective heart rhythm disorders. These should be taken at least once daily, one after the other, every day. People having angina and a cold at the same time are in a similar situation. They need to take the preparations every hour until the symptomatics disappears and can therefore take these one after the other. In conditions of brain-cranial trauma three or more preparations can be combined in short time intervals (14-20 minutes): Arnica, a brain-cranial trauma complex, an epilepsy preparation, and another one for neurological complications; a preparation for mental damage can also be added. Only in this way is the effect complete and impressive with light and medium trauma. With severe injury homeopathic complexes are again the best supportive and adjunctive therapy for active treatment, surgical interventions and the prolonged period of recovery.

10. Verbal homeopathy™ can be used locally as well. For example, in trauma with knee swelling with retained integrity (never in an open wound), you can spill drops of the dilution on the swelling. The phial must be shaken before use. Naturally, the preparation must also be administered orally. This way we have double action: general and local.

11. During verbal homeopathy treatment it is not necessary to quit drinking coffee, smoking, or avoid medium strength mints or toothpaste. They have no way of acting as an antidote to verbal homeopathy. Of course, it is never advisable to have too much of these things. Homeopathy, like verbal homeopathy, works much better for people who take in fewer poisons (alcohol, cigarettes, stimulants, narcotics, excessive quantities of food) because if, for instance, you drink 6 cups of coffee or smoke 60 cigarettes a day, you can hardly expect that anyone or anything can help you. This is why it is good to do enough movement, eat moderately, use food supplements (vitamins, minerals, Omega 3 etc.), drink at least a liter and a half of water every day and not indulge your bad habits (limit yourself to 10 cigarettes, 2 cups of coffee, one glass of alcohol). During prolonged taking of verbal homeopathy you will spontaneously gradually decrease the amounts of poisons you take in your life. The change in your energy status will attract new people to you, new opportunities and situations, and this will also help you in a purely physical plan.

It is also advisable to avoid inhaling camphor, strong chemicals, gasoline, bleach, lavender when taking verbal homeopathy™. But if you happen to, just take in some more of your verbal homeopathic preparation.

12. In verbal homeopathy™ there are also the so called homeopathic crises. This phenomenon is described in every textbook or reference book on homeopathy. It is manifested as a deterioration of the patient following the activation of the patient’s immune system. Homeopathic crises come in the form of severe pain for a short time, high temperature, rash, vomiting, diarrhea, headaches, acute fatigue, drowsiness, dizziness, tachycardia, tremors, spasms etc. Reactions actually depend on the patient and their individual condition. The course of these reactions has been given much attention in the homeopathic literature. These crises, when concerning an acute illness, usually wear away quickly and resemble abating waves, followed by recuperation. Often, however, in chronic diseases and organ damages, the crises are more prolonged, repeated and sometimes will not go away, but get locked on a given symptom. This requires either a higher attenuation of the administered preparations or a new picture is formed of further homeopathic preparations that must be given additionally in succession on a daily basis in the Samuel Hahnemann manner quoted above. So, the homeopathic crises gradually subside and the person is stabilized, and with time, they improve. This mechanism of action usually accompanies maintenance therapies in advanced chronic diseases. Of course, with some people there is no homeopathic reaction, but only an improvement or a stasis phase of the disease in the more severe and most complicated cases. This is particularly typical in older people. The reaction is strictly individual.

Following these rules, you already have an eternal medicine, which only depends on the strength of A WORD. And, of course, it also depends on a good knowledge of homeopathic practices and preparations. But even if you don’t have it, you can still help yourself. How, you will see at the end of the book. This, however, is not just homeopathy.

For example, you want to make a preparation against the flu:

The list of the complex contents below shows that it contains 9 preparations.

1. Gelsemium sempervirens – yellow jasmine. Say “Gelsemium MMMMM”.

Indications are: – A typical picture of toxicoinfectious syndrome: fatigue, weakness, muscle aches all over, sweating, fever, nausea, vomiting, headache in the neck, numbing pains along the spine.

– An encephalitic form of the flu after a strong cold: shivering, severe headache with engorgement, fever and stiffness with a sense of numbness.

– Profound unease, the effects of emotional shock, which leads to mental block.

2. Bryonia – White Pumpkin. Say “Bryonia Alba MMMMM”.

The indications are: flu-like illness characterized by fever, complete immobilization to stupor with pain in the joints, weakness and fatigue, inability to move, dry mucous membranes, thirst, sweating, headache. Patient seems extremely concerned about the future.

3. Eupatorium – Bonesets, Thoroughworts. Say “Eupatorium MMMMM”.

The indications are: typical toxicoinfectious syndrome with severe bone pain, fever, fatigue, severe muscle aches and pains as in broken bones, a painful sensation in the eyeballs, sweating, running nose with sneezes, headache, restlessness.

4. Rhus toxicodendron Say “Rhus toxicodendron MMMMM”.

The indications are: toxicoinfectious syndrome affecting the joints with high fever, restlessness, which requires movement, painful stiffness which also requires movement, dry mucous membranes, red triangle at the end of the furred language, sweating, diarrhea, headache. – The flu is often accompanied by cold sores in the mouth. – the acute condition is often caused by immersion in cold water, especially of the legs or because of rapid temperature change from warm to cold.

5. Phytolacca Say “Fitolaka MMMMM”.

The indications are: tonsillitis-like flu with fever, headache with engorgement, dizziness, muscle aches, sore throat, increase of tonsil size, burning pain on swallowing, inflammation of the cervical lymph nodes.

6. Baptisia tinctoria – wild indigo. Say “Baptisia tinctoria MMMMM”.

The indications are: an intestinal form of the flu – fever, a feeling of pain in the muscles, headache, tightness of the base of the skull, pain in the eyeballs, dry mucous membranes, pain in the abdomen, diarrhea, fatigue, dizziness, feeling of increased volume of the head. Risk of dehydration.

7. Tuberculinum aviaire – avian tuberculin. Say “Tuberculinum aviaire MMMMM”.

The indications are: observed in asthenic children and adults who have sensitive airways and are prone to tonsillitis, otitis media, pharyngitis and rhinitis. It is aimed at people with allergic problems and those with asthma and asthma-like bronchitis. This is a broader-action preventive preparation against post-influenza complications.

8. Nux vomica – strychnine tree. Say “Nux vomica MMMMM”.

The indications are: flu syndrome with muscle aches, pains in the lumbar region as if from bruising, the patient needs to sit up in bed in order to turn around, fever, in which nothing can warm them, running nose with strong sneeze, headache in the crown.

9. Belladonna. Say “Belladonna MMMMM”.

The indications are: quickly rising temperature with a warm, flushed face and profuse sweating. The preparation is recommended for all types of infectious diseases, including the influenza syndrome with fever and reddening. It is the best homeopathic remedy against and during hyperthermic seizures and headache at high temperatures. It can always be used as a standalone preparation. With very high temperatures, it can be taken every 5-10 minutes.

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