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What to do if we know nothing about homeopathy?

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Homeopathy is a very complex science that requires studying, a lot of time and inner sense. Especially difficult is the discovery of medications that correspond your sensitive type.

So even if we can not study it, we can help ourselves by speaking our diagnosis and possible causes for the disease to the water. Of course this method is not as effective, but it often gives very good results, while we are studying the basics of homeopathy.

In the case of high blood pressure, we can prepare the following phial filled with healing water.

Take a phial full of water and a little alcohol, then clearly repeat 2-3 times, mouth very close to the water (1/2 inch):

– Hypertension MMMMMMMMM. Then shake vigorously.

If we know the causes for our high blood pressure, we can add other expressions such as:

– Anxiety MMMMMMMMM. – 2-3 times. Shake vigorously.

– Fear of failure MMMMMMMMM – 2-3 times. Shake vigorously.

– Fear of loss MMMMMMMMM – 2-3 times. Shake vigorously.

– Uncertainty MMMMM – 2-3 times. Shake vigorously.


Then put the dropper and shake one last time. You can drink the preparation as many times as you want per day according to your condition. If you want to achieve a preventive effect, you can limit it to 1 or 2 times a day.

However, if we have a long-standing problem, and especially if you are at an advanced stage or have other illnesses, you can match the method with the corresponding allopathic medicines. You can take it 7-8 times a day. If there is improvement, reduce takings.

Dilutions of many times M (Mille) are extremely powerful and have a profound impact on many subtle levels at the subatomic level. They directly relate to the internal bodies and may lead to significant results in the psychological profile of each person. Of course, you can use different dilutions in your own sole discretion. This is a method, which involves personal initiative and creativity. My advice is to start with 100CM, but feel free to try 9 times M and above. There are virtually no restrictions. And for those who prefer lower dilutions, you may also use them. This is a matter of personal choice.

Given that any damage is due to accumulated stress, mistakes, sins, and unresolved problems, then through verbal homeopathy our efforts can be directed to the core of our troubles, and we can thus progressively overcome them. In this sense, the verbal homeopathic method is much more powerful than the conventional homeopathic one.

Preparations can be made for some of the most significant trouble in life. They work very well, but require a long period of time – months or even a year. It is good to combine them with the basic homeopathic preparations and complexes.


1. Unemployment MMMMM …. Shake.

2. Indecisiveness MMMMM … or Uncertainty MMMMM …. (optional). Shake.

3. Fear of failure …. MMMMM Shake.

4. Idleness MMMMM …. or Laziness MMMMM …. (optional).Shake.

5. Poverty MMMMM …. Shake.

6. Avarice MMMMM …. or Wastefulness MMMMM …. (optional). Shake.

7. Uncommunicativeness MMMMM …. Shake.

We must not forget to speak loudly and clearly, mouth near the surface of the water (1/2 inch). After each word and dilution, always shake the phial vigorously.



1. Fear MMMMM ….. Shake.

2. Anger MMMMM ….. Shake.

3. Aggressiveness MMMMM ….. Shake.

4. Hyperactivity MMMMM …. Shake.

5. Cruelty MMMMM …. Shake.

6. Hatred MMMMM ….. Shake.

7. Uneasinesst MMMMM …… or Anxiety MMMMM ….. Shake.

We must not forget to speak loudly and clearly, mouth near the surface of the water (1/2 inch). After each word and dilution, always shake the phial vigorously.



1. Aging MMMMM ….. Shake.

2. Sclerosis MMMMM ….. Shake.

3. Sedentiary life MMMMM…, or Immobilization MMMMM… Shake.

4. Ugliness MMMMM …… Shake.

5. Rigidity MMMMM …… Shake.

6. Death MMMMM ….. Shake.

We must not forget to speak loudly and clearly, mouth near the surface of the water (1/2 inch). After each word and dilution, always shake the phial vigorously.



1. Fear of loneliness MMMMM…. or solitude MMMMM… Shake.

2. Sorrow MMMMM… or grief MMMMM… Shake.

3. Despair MMMMM …. Shake.

4. Hopelessness MMMMM ….. Shake.

5. Heartache MMMMM ….. Shake.

6. Heartlessness MMMMM ….. Shake.

7. Weakness MMMMM ….. Shake.

We must not forget to speak loudly and clearly, mouth near the surface of the water (1/2 inch). After each word and dilution, always shake the phial vigorously.



1. Lovelessness MMMMM …… Shake.

2. Ingratitude MMMMM …..Shake.

3. Impiety MMMMM ……Shake.

4. Scepticism MMMMM ……Shake.

5. Unsuccessfulness MMMMM …….Shake.

We must not forget to speak loudly and clearly, mouth near the surface of the water (1/2 inch). After each word and dilution, always shake the phial vigorously.



1. Depression MMMMM …… Shake.

2. Uncommunicativeness MMMMM ….Shake.

3. Loneliness MMMMM …..Shake.

4. Unconfidence MMMMM ….. Shake.

6. Heartlessness MMMMM ….. Shake.

We must not forget to speak loudly and clearly, mouth near the surface of the water (1/2 inch). After each word and dilution, always shake the phial vigorously.


The combination of the seven sins is quite interesting:

1. Pride MMMMM …… Shake.

2. Greed MMMMM …… Shake.

3. Gluttony MMMMM… or voracity MMMMM…

4. Anger MMMMM ….. Shake.

5. Deceptiveness MMMMM …… Shake.

6. Adultery MMMMM ……Shake.

7. Sloth MMMMM …….Shake.

We must not forget to speak loudly and clearly, mouth near the surface of the water (1/2 inch). After each word and dilution, always shake the phial vigorously.


Many other combinations can be made of problematic situations from the emotional and spiritual world of the person; these combinations are only limited by our personal creativity and our self-understanding.

Typical of these preparations is their strange manner of action. They slowly and aggressively change the emotional state of the person and attract new circumstances and people to their life, who actually bring change in their life and help them overcome their own shortcomings. In this sense, a person must be constantly alert and grateful for fate’s response to his efforts to change. In fact, this is the way verbal homeopathy works in high dilutions. It not only heals the physical body, but also creates new opportunities in other areas of life, such as work, personal relationships, finance, in accordance with the person’s new energetic and psychological situation. Of course, these more general preparations also have a wider and more agressive action. Therefore, in acute cases and clear diagnoses, it is better to use verbal homeopathic mono and complex preparations as described in the first part of the book.

For those who would like to learn and are interested in the method and the different complexes, you can buy the book: “On the Strength of a Drop – Homeopathic Complexes”. The book describes over 90 complexes, referring to the most common diagnoses in medicine. Over 350 different verbal homeopathic preparations have been developed, as well as instructions for their use.

Good results also depend very much on our attitude to the spiritual world and our deep faith in God. Thus, when working with this type of energy impact, you must not forget that prayer is the highest form of self-transformation because the prayer is a conversation with Heaven (with the Invisible Source of Wealth for this World). It is the one most important point, which enables us to attract help and support from above and thus to change our actions and destiny. It gives us the opportunity to realize that while we are getting any goods we must share them with others. It gives us the opportunity to become better, more humble and wiser. Combined with verbal homeopathic preparations and working with water, it is a powerful way to live more wisely and happily.

When we work with prayer or other good words, we must know that they have extremely clean and very high frequency vibrations. In practice, they rarely resonate with our thinking and our cells, because we are poisoned by bad food, bad feelings and bad thoughts and words. To change this situation we would need many years of work. Therefore, homeopathy is a good auxiliary method that accelerates the process. It works with the vibrations of the poisons that we are still very close to. This way it helps purify the body, feelings, thoughts and our words, so that we can work more efficiently and at the highest level – the conversation with God.



I remember once I gave my bunny, who had been injured, Arnica 10M, a close friend of mine, a homeopathic veterinarian, hearing this said:

– Silva, you’ve influenced the Spirit of Rabbits.

A dilution of the 10M degree is practically not applied in veterinary medicine because it is considered extremely high. Many homeopaths also consider this dilution absurd for humans too. But I, as usual, proved that Arnica works. The bunny recovered amazingly quickly. I was fascinated by the insight that perhaps I’d really influenced the Spirit of Rabbits.

Then I realized that something similar happens with the Spirit of the People. When you give someone homeopathy and especially one that is in great dilution, you also influence their soul. Purifying the body, the thoughts and feelings become brighter, better and more peaceful. This also affects everyone else. Because when one is elevated, all are elevated.

The application of such dilutions like MMMMMM… has a purifying influence not only on one person, but on all people, even perhaps on other worlds that are emotionally and spiritually connected with ours, because we live in a common spiritual field.

This way we interact and connect with animals and plants and the sea and forests and with the consciousness of the entire planet. And when we dilute the poison in ourselves in this way and open the path of virtue, springing from our true spiritual nature, we provide the opportunity for others to do so.

Simultaneously, we discover the power of speech and give a new meaning to the world in a completely new immaterial and a divine way. And then each spoken word is kinder and warmer because we have realized that this is the only way to achieve a happier peace. Inside out.

And last but not least, perhaps we should realize that we live in a world guided by the Word and by thought. Therefore we must carefully consider not only what we are saying, but also whose influences and thoughts we come under. Everything around us is thought and words, embedded in atoms and molecules and, depending on what we do and what we use, we also absorb the internal informational influences of the entire world that surrounds us. They form us constantly. This is why we need to discuss the science of thought and word hygiene. For the word can elevate you and resurrect you, but it can also ruin and destroy you.

If only a dozen words can heal us from the flu within hours, can you imagine the impact of the whole sea of information, in which are constantly submerged?

And most of this information is negative, confrontational, manipulative and deceptive; unnecessarily pompous and urging us to excessive consumption of goods and services that we do not need. Do we not find ourselves this way in the informational field of a huge LIE that governs us and depletes our energy, explaining to us that we are some coarse matter that has appeared by accident and so we must remain?

How little attention is paid to the Truth that God exists, that man is eternal and immortal spiritual essence, the image and likeness of God, the son of God who is summoned to serve and collaborate with his Father in eternity. This Truth is not advantageous to anyone who wants us to live once, without meaning and without purpose, dominated by some meaningless goals of power, money and sensory pleasures, competing with each other and consuming unnecessary and even harmful goods and food.

The successful use of words to change and restore the energy structure of the person raises the curtain of our true nature and shows that we live in a world of absolute abundance of free and easily accessible energy, the sources and the knowledge which we are denied quite deliberately. And it is only up to us to discover and live in the Truth, or else remain in the field of fear, anxiety and excessive consumption. Because these are two sides of the word and the thought – Truth and falsehood.

The more people learn to speak to water in this way, to heal themselves and recover by changing their attitude towards life, the more mankind will be freed from the burdens of being, reinventing the power of immortality and joy.

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