I’ve been using it since 2016 for example small injuries like traumas, bruises. Verbal Homeopathy is very helpful when you are in a hurry or outside of the city like when your are on the beach, in forest hiking. In a stressfull situations verbal complexes give me courage and release the stress during exams i use staphysagria quantum satis potentia

Maria Rosher    Belgium   

I have been using Verbal Homeopathy for more than 4 years. During that time I went trough problems related with my health and emotions which I manage to cope with Verbal Homeopathy, the method helped me with a lot of conditions like flu, fever, skin burnings, childbirth, growing baby teeth, neuralgia, high blood pressure and etc. My son grew with the Verbal Homeopathy. I have helped a lot of people as well as animals. I have recommended the book many times and I think that more people should be acquinted with the method.

Denitsa Djurova    Lovech, Bulgaria   

The method truly helped me. The book Verbal Homeopathy is unique and I have been using the complexes for flu and fever when the kids do not feel well and it works fine. I have used the complex for baby collics and growing teeth and the symptoms improved.

Desislava Saryanova-Nikolaeva    Sofia, Bulgaria