Introduction to the Verbal Homeopathy method

Introduction to the Verbal homeopathy method

Verbal Homeopathy is a new, easy, fast, and totally free preparation method for homeopathic remedies – anywhere, anytime.

All you need is a little water and knowing the type(s) of homeopathic remedies you want to prepare.

For example, if you’ve just hurt your arm or head, the pain is strong, and you don’t want it swell or turn blue, immediately take a glass or bottle of water and say in a loud and clear voice: “Arnica 9C” over the water so that the sound waves are directed at the glass or bottle mouth.

Then shake or stir and drink repeatedly.

Thus, within 1 minute of hurting yourself, you will be drinking Arnica 9C, which is the exact same as any other Arnica 9C – even purer and more effective than the factory-produced remedy.

The pain stops in 3–4 minutes, there is no swelling or bruise.

You can prepare any other homeopathic remedy equally quickly and easily: Arsenicum Album 200С, Lachesis 10М, Belladonna 15С, Sulfur 1M, or Ignatia Amara quantum satis potentia.

It doesn’t matter if the homeopathic remedies will be administered as a complex or individually.

The Verbal Homeopathy method can get you any homeopathic preparation in any potency within one to three minutes, regardless of where you are: in the busy city, riding the train or bus or driving your car, at work during the day or at home at night, hiking in the mountains, sailing on a ship, or flying in a plane.

You get your homeopathic complex or individual homeopathic remedy ready in a minute.

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We’ve also created something to further facilitate you. We got this from Dr. Ilina Zagorska.

It’s the universal potency Quantum satis potentia – “as much potency as needed”. Thousands of people are already using it without worrying about the correct potency to choose. This website is going to help you acquaint yourselves with the Verbal Homeopathy method and begin your training in homeopathy, no restrictions or conditions imposed. And as soon as the next couple of months you and the people close to you will have a completely new level of health and social prosperity that will depend on nothing but yourself.

10 rules for the application of Verbal homeopathy

1. Like any other homeopathic treatment, this is also an INFORMATIONAL treatment. No active substance is contained in homeopathic remedies.

2. Homeopathic treatment is a WAY OF LIFE. You cannot OVERDOSE on it and no time would be inappropriate to apply it. Homeopathy impacts the person’s inner bodies and alters his or her energy condition and, as a result, the organism fine-tunes itself for change and healing. This is an individual process that depends on one’s own abilities: age, lifestyle – food, sleep, clothing, home, occupational stress, family and relationships – immune system level, genetic predisposition, past disorders and current chronic diseases.

3. Homeopathic treatment COMBINES WELL with any other type of treatment: allopathic (contemporary medicine), surgical interventions, immunotherapy, herbal treatment, rehabilitation, bioenergetic therapy, administration of dietary supplements. This creates the so called “all round defense” and the organism is stimulated for treatment at all possible levels – psychological, energetic, and physical.

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