Schuessler salts can be made by using Verbal homeopathy using the decimal attenuations –D3, D4, D6, D12

In homeopathy there are a lot of different attenuations. The most popular one in classic homeopathy is 100:1 called C from “centum” from Latin(hundred) used mostly by „Boiron“.

Shuessler salts

Germans and Austrians work with lower attenuations 10:1, they are named “decimal” from latin word for ten marked with “D”. Its commonly seen in schuessler salts №1 Calcium Flouratum in D12 attenuation, Natrium Chloratum №8 in D6.

What is the difference and is it possible to make them using Verbal Homeopathy?

Natrium Chloratum /sea salt/ is made in this way. In 9 drops of water there is 1 sea salt crystal the size of the water drop. Natrium Chloratum is also known as Natrium Muriaticum /previous name/. After the crystal is dissolved one drop is taken from the solution and its put into another fresh 9 drops of water, now we have attenuation D2. From D2 we take 1 drop of water repeating the same process into another 9 drops of fresh water, then we have D3. The process is done until we get D6. After the procedure is done the solution is poured out into lactose which carries the information in a form of a pills which are then sold by the companies. Actually this attenuation is a number with 12 zeroes and its almost completely impossible to find any trace of the initial substance in this case /Natrium Chloride/ with the size of a drop of water.

This salt regulates acid/alkaline balance, osmotic pressure in the cell, it also regulates the cell division as well as the kidneys and etc.

Of course everyone can do it by himself in unlimited quantity. All he/she needs is a bit of sea salt and to follow the attenuation rules.

The easiest way to make it is by using the method Verbal Homeopathy. It has the same effect and its completely free! Sounds great, right?

Schuessler salts regulate water-salt balance of the body, they enhance the body’s normal healing and self-regulatory processes based on main principle in homeopathy claimed by Hahnemann’s doctrine of like cures like (similia similibus curentur) in high attenuations. Schuessler salts in attenuation D6 still have some initial substance. In D12 no substance can be found even by analysis in chemistry lab. It contains only information. The same is valid for Schuessler salts No11 Silicea with the information for sand. Every attenuation in Schuessler salts can be made Verbal only by saying them quickly to clean vial of water and add its attenuation .Ethyl alcohol 70% can be added to the water in the vial. This will prevent the appearance of harmful microorganisms in the water without affecting the information contained in it.

The same is valid as well for the other decimal attenuations. In decimal attenuation so called hаemotoxic preparations, which basically are homeopathic and sublevel of the method, are produced Preparation of this kind is Gripp-heel. It is complex homeopathic product against viral infections with the corresponding toxins in the blood, which trigger immune response. The preparation contains Aconitum D4, Bryonia cretica D4, Lachesis muta D4, Eupatorium perfoliatum D3, Phosphorus D5.

The preparation is good although it can be enriched. The most fascinating thing is that it can be made without problem verbally using the method Verbal Homeopathy. The preparation you get is completely free and available and even more effective than the chemical one, because it is purer.

On a physical plane verbal made preparations in attenuation D3. My proposal for influenza is similar to the one in other post and the video for the verbal method.

  1. Gelsemium D3
  2. Bryonia alba D3
  3. Rhus tox D3
  4. Eupatorium perfoliatum D3
  5. Hepar sulfur D3
  6. Belladonna D3
  7. Aconitum D3
  8. Phytolacca D3
  9. Phosphorus D3
  10. Ignatia amara D3

It can be combined with the complex for angina pectoris, flu and otitis in decimal attenuations of D3.

The effect is quick and effective. In severe conditions it can be taken from 7 to 9 times a day. There are no side effects for all Verbal Homeopathic preparations.

Try because your health is free.

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