Verbal homeopathy can be very useful for supporting the traditional medicine in treating the COVID-19. Verbal homeopathy uses the memory of water in preparing absolutely free homeopathic remedies. In terms of social isolation Verbal Homeopathy is extremely convenient because the only thing that it requires is a cup of fresh water.

30 ml Verbal Homeopathy vials with COVID-19 preparations.

The Verbal Homeopathic preparations that can be used could be separated into 4 groups.

The first group are homeopathic preparations used as a prophylactic and therapeutic agent when having flu-like symptoms. The second group are homeopathic preparations associated with pulmonary syndromes. The third group are homeopathic preparations associated with parenchymal lung diseases. The last group are homeopathic preparations associated with the panic and fear around the virus

GROUP 1 : Homeopathic preparations associated with flu-like and sore throat symptoms.

Belladonna. Say [Beladona 10M].

Indications: severe viral infection in the initial stage, temperature rising sharply; dry cough.

China Rubra. Say [Hina Rubra 10M].

Indications: febrile syndrome with fever, weakened immune system, weakness and drowsiness.

Nux Vomica. Say [Nuks Vomika 10M] :

Indications:  acute influenza syndrome with muscle pain.

Stramonium : Say [Stramonium 10M].

Indications : Extremely high temperature, not influenced by anything. Acute viral infection.

Aconitum Napellus : Say [Akonitum napelus 10M]

Indications : rapidly rising temperature, sudden fever of infectious origin, emotional stress.

Phytolacca Decandra : Say [Fitolaka Dekandra 10M]

Indications : angina-like flu with fever, muscle pain and high fever.

Gelsemium Sempervirens : Say [Gelsemium sempervirens 10M]

Indications: a typical toxico-infectious syndrome with a fatigue, weakness muscle aches all over with fever and stiffness with a sense of numbness, profound unease.

Hepar Sulfur : Say [Hepar Sulfur 10M]

Indications: hoarse cough that worsen over time, high temperature , tendency to super-infection, deep pain in the lungs.

Ipeca : Say [Ipekakuana 10M]

Indications : Spasmodic cough accompanied by suffocation and vomiting; feeling of tightening in the chest; diarrhea.

Drosera Rotundifolia. Say [Drosera Rotundifolia 10M]

Indications: whooping-cough; mucus in the bronchi.

Rumex Crispus. Say [Rumex Crispus 10M]

Indications : Dry cough with suffocation.

Bryonia Alba. Say [Brionia alba 10M]

Indications: flu-like illness characterized by fever, weakness and fatigue.

Rhus toxicodendron. Say [Rus toksikodendron 10M]

Indications : toxico-infectious syndrome with high fever, diarrhea.

Sulfur Iodatum. Say [ Sulfur Iodatum 10M]

Indications : essential for weak and tired people with reduced immunity, who recover with a difficulty after an illness.

Pyrogenium. Say [Pirogenium 10M]

Indications: all forms of acute and chronic infectious conditions accompanied by fever with descrepancy between the pulse and temperature.

Baptisia Tinctoria. Say [Baptisia Tinctoria 10M]

Indications : fever with a feeling of pain in the muscles, weakness, diarrhea, weakness, dizziness.

In acute conditions, the preparation is taken every 10-15 minutes when awake.

GROUP 2: Homeopathic preparations associated with pulmonary syndromes.

Ethyl sulfur. Say [Etil Sulfur 10M]

Indications : respiratory failure due to acute pulmonary edema, respiratory insufficiency with cyanosis of the lips, nostrils, ears; cough.

Phosphorus. Say [Fosforus 10M]

Indications : Shortness of breath, difficulty breathing at night and waking up with shortness of breath and burning sensation and pressure on the vertex .

Arsenicum Album. Say [Arsenikum Album 10M]

Indications: shortness of breath, restlessness, cyanotic face, pulmonary edema.

Silicea. Say [Silicea 10M]

Indications: heaviness in the lungs, weakness, easy fatigability; reduced immunity.

Quebracho. Say [Kuebracho 10M]

Indications: dyspnea, respiratory failure, emphysema and pulmonary fibrosis.

Thuya Occidentalis. Say [Tuya oksidentalis 10M]

Indications : chronic respiratory tract infections, delayed occurrence of asthma and allergy.

Bacilinum. Say [Bacilinum 10M]

Beryllium. Say [Berilium 10M]

Antimonium Tartaricum. Say [Antimonium Tartaricum 10M]

Indications : acute and chronic bronchitis with suffocation; thick expectoration that is difficult to discharge (thick mucus that comes out in a small amounts);cough that accompanies the secretion of the sput; the patient is very tired, sleepy, even nostalgic.

Siegesbeckia orientalis. Say [Siegesbekia orientalis 10M]

Indications: fever with muscle aches.

Grindelia robusta. Say [Grindelia robusta 10M]

Indications: cardio-respiratory failure with respiratory insufficiency.

Apis Mellifica. Say [Apis Melifika 10M]

Indications: Acute progression of the inflammatory process with high temperature. Rapidly developing pleurisy with fever and lack of thirst.

Stannum. Say [Stanum 10M]

Indications: cough often with thick expectoration, dyspnea, chest weakness.

Medorrhinum. Say [Modorinum 10M]

Indications: dysfunction of the immune system from chronic or recurrent infections of the upper respiratory tract, chronic bronchitis, asthma.

Asclepias tuberosa. Say [Asklepia tuberosa 10M]

Indications: pleurisy with dry cough and sharp pain.

In acute conditions, the preparation is taken every 10-15 minutes when awake.

GROUP 3: Homeopathic preparations associated with parenchymal lung diseases

Calcarea carbonica. Say [Kalkarea Karbonika 10M]

Indications: recurrent angina, rhinopharyngitis, bronchitis.

Calcarea Phosphorica. Say [Kalkarea fosforica 10M]

Indications : recurrent angina and pulmonary infections.

Calcarea fluorica. Say [Kalkarea flourika 10M]

Silicea. Say [Silicea 10M]

Indications: Chronic suppurative bronchitis; heaviness in the lungs, weakness, easy fatigability; reduced immunity; widening of the bronchi; pleurisy.

Carcinosinum. Say [Karcinosinum 10M]

Indications: common recurrent diseases of the upper respiratory tract and ENT; poor immune response to infectious agents.

Carbo Vegetabilis. Say [Karbo Vegetabilis 10M]

Indications: severe asthma attack with severe suffocation and shallow, uneven breathing.

Lycopodium clavatum. Say [Likopodium Klavatum 10M]

Indications : pneumopathy; asthma.

Kalium carbonicum. Say [Kalium karbonikum 10M]

Indications: chronic bronchitis and pneumopathia, weakness, burning pains can be felt in the lungs, moving, moving from one space to another; suffocation that is relieved that is relieved when bending forward.

Ammonium Carbonicum. Say [amonium karbonikum 10M]

Indications: acute and chronic bronchitis with suffocation and worsening at night; crepitation, irritating cough and difficult expectoration of thick phlegm; feeling pressure and pain in the chest; acute weakness, exhaustion.

Rumex Crispus. Say [Rumex Crispus 10M]

Indications: dry cough with suffocation.

In acute conditions, the preparation is taken every 10-15 minutes when awake.

GROUP 4 : Homeopathic preparations are associated with all the panic around the virus.

Ignatia Amara. Say [ignatia amara 10M]

Indications: spastic cough, sensation of having lump in the throat and suffocation, feeling weak or faint; constant sighing.

Rhus toxicodendron. Say [Rus toksikodendron 10M]

Indications : toxico-infectious syndrome with high fever, diarrhea.

Aconitum napellus. Say [Akonitum10M]

Indications: laryngitis and cough during the first part of the night; high temperature with dry, red skin; strong anxiety and restlessness.

Pulsatilla. Say [Pulsatila 10M]

Indications: anxiety and restlessness; asthma that is relieved by fresh air; usually acompained by reccurent rhinopharyngitis and bronchitis.

Arsenicum Album. Say [Arsenikum Album 10M]

Indications:acute bronchitis or acute chronic bronchitis; the chest feels like its boiling and coarse; gurgling crepitation can be heard, yellowish expectoration is discharged; burning sensation; acute asthma attack, the patient needs fresh air. Feeling of suffocation.

Arnica Montana. Say [Arnika Montana 10M]

Chamomilla. Say [hamomila 10M]

Zincum Metallicum. Say [Zinkum metallicum 10M]

Indications: nervous tension, mental stress or asthenia-depressive syndrome.

Magnesium Muriaticum. Say [Magnesium Muriatikum 10M]

Indications: nervousness and anxiety, inability to relax

Staphysagria. Say [Staphisagria 10M]

Gelsemium. Say [Gelsemium 10M]

Indications: very sensitive people who are worried about everything; depression and anxiety.

Actea Racemosa. Say [Aktea racemosa 10M]

Indications: neurosis of hysterical type e.g. loquacity, anxiety, mood swings; mental stress.

Argentum Nitricum. Say [Argentum nitrikum 10M]

Indications: extreme anxiety and restlessness about upcomming events; tremors; anxiety may cause discomfort and diarrhea.

In acute conditions, the preparation is taken every 10-15 minutes when awake.

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