Diabetes is a complicated illness with different phases for all diversity of people suffering from it.
In this respect the application of method Verbal homeopathy is on different levels as well.
As Diabetes No2 is family inheritable usually for those who have such a family disease Verbal homeopathy is exceptionally useful method for prevention unlocking the illness.
In such case the effect is almost 100 %. Prevention of taking homeopathy preparations block disease unlocks.
Taking preparations related to metabolism improvement and weight control is recommended in such case:

Diabetes and Verbal homeopathy


1. Sulfur , very effective preparation for people who overeat, obese people, people who drink too much alcohol.
These are active, physially strong extroverts who adore having fun eat and drink. They have florid complexion, spontaneous reactions, with logorrhoea , tend to exaggerate situations in their life , often are over optimists. They complain for feeling hot and have skin disorders. Predisposed to diabetes, as well as liver problems , high blood pressure and heart disorders . Sulfur is a good remedy for Insulin resistance.

2. Natrium sulfuricum /-often overweight people prone to eat too much. They are slower and more relaxed. Contradictory to Sulfur these people are pessimistic and depressive type. Compared to Sulfur they have paler complexion. Their condition worsen when is humid and in damp places. Also have skin disorders. They adore icy drinks. They are predisposed to liver-gall bladder problems and diabetes. The preparation well regulates the work of pancreas when is regularly taken especially in diabetes initial phases. The remedy has strong effect of prevention. Good remedy for Insulin resistance.

3. Аntimonium crudum -People liable to overeating having meteorism. They have florid complexion but as a difference to Sulfur are more pessimistic, nervous and irritable. They do not like heat .With skin disorders as well. Dependent on moon phases, extremely sentimental and sensitive , relaxed. Predisposed to metabolism problems, liver and stomach disorders.

4. Iris versicolor -This remedy is focused and works on pancreas and digestive system – unique in fact when problems and infections there. Works well in combination with Sulfur.

5. Saccharum – Very good for prevention of diabetes and for already diagnosed diabetes. It is to be taken in high attenuations from 200C and over. It is a remedy influencing sugar exchange in human body but have strong neurological effect as well. A remedy with good response towards advanced paresis in limbs. These are physically tired and relaxed people very active intellectually and verbally though. They have very weak motive activity but vivid thinking. Sometimes there is a feeling they can not move.

6.Тhuya – Universal remedy for cleansing body. By constitution these are often overweighed and even obese people, especially in abdomen area. Rather depressive types, manipulative and complaining. Constant chronical infections, weak immune system, react extremely sensitively towards any type of contaminations –chemicals, vaccinations, antibiotics, hormones, medicines, infected food. Diabetes unlocks under stress situations – loss of someone, job loss, bankruptcy, divorce, separations, emigration, exile. In such cases is good to think of giving Ignatia amara immediately after the unforeseen event especially if in the family there are established diabetes and heart illnesses.

Ignatia call also cemetery /burial /remedy is a must as first aid homeopathy when emotional dramatic situations happen in human life. Ignatia is the emotional Arnica. Long and several months take after tragic moments leads to condition improving . Remedy blocks unlocking diabetes and cardiovascular illnesses .Such preparations are available for preventions of different types.
Many other preparations working towards emotional problems can be used, as well as complexes for depression , worries , insomnia. When illness advanced is well to take several complexes – for neurological problems, problems in cardiovascular system – high blood pressure and stenocardia; for cataract. Absolutely needed constantly to take Phosphorus and Arnica Montana.

When cure diabetes is necessary to apply all measures related to illness type and development. It is important to establish the right diet and motive regime altogether with insulin injecting for those patients with insulin dependency.

Verbal Homeopathy influence works as serious factor for slowing down side effects of complicated illness diabetes.

April 25, 2018

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