Verbal Homeopathy is homeopathy of the WORD.
It is founded on the power of words and the memory of water.
Verbal Homeopathy is a new preparation method for homeopathic remedies that can be applied anywhere, anytime.
Verbal Homeopathy takes seconds to prepare and comes with no limitation to the extent of attenuation.
Verbal Homeopathy is more effective because it is perfectly pure and unpolluted.

Quantum satis potentia and potencies in Verbal homeopathy

Potencies (attenuations) in verbal homeopathy are the same as those used in traditional homeopathy. The C symbol stands for Сentum – one hundred, M for Mille – one thousand, and D – Decimal for ten. For further details, refer to the chapter entitled The More Attenuated, the More Powerful.

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Diabetes and Verbal homeopathy

Diabetes is a complicated illness with different phases for all diversity of people suffering from it.
In this respect the application of method Verbal homeopathy is on different levels as well.
As Diabetes No2 is family inheritable usually for those who have such a family disease Verbal homeopathy is exceptionally useful method for prevention unlocking the illness.

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Schuessler salts can be made by using Verbal Homeopathy Method TM

Schuessler salts can be made by using Verbal homeopathy using the decimal attenuations –D3, D4, D6, D12
In homeopathy there are a lot of different attenuations. The most popular one in classic homeopathy is 100:1 called C from “centum” from Latin(hundred) used mostly by „Boiron“.

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