During the summer vacation, people often get into an incident in the mountain, at the seaside or on the road. In these situations Verbal Homeopathy is irreplaceable as a first aid within seconds of the accident. For example you can get stung by a wasp or bitten by an spider or etc. Withing a seconds you can grab the nearest water bottle around you and say to the water clearly and loudly
1. Ledum 200C, then close the bottle and shake it a bit, then say
2. Apis 200C, repeat the instructions above.
Your mouth should be around 5-10 cm from the top of the bottle without contaminating the bottle.You can drink it by pouring it in a cup or in the bottle cap in order not to contaminate the homeopathic water. In a critical situation constantly say to the water Ledum 200C and Apis 200C and drink from the bottle.You will be astonished by the result. The itching and the swelling are minimal and within minutes they will vanish.

Another example: You sprain your leg and your leg feel heavier. Then within a seconds you can grab a water and say to it clearly and loudly Arnica Montana 200C. The water instantly turns into an homeopathic remedy with Arnica. You can try it even after a workout and you wont have an muscle strain for example if you take it during the workout or when you are at a hike.

Third example: When the influenza virus attacks your gut suddenly and your symptoms include – diarrhea, temperature, immobility. You can grab the nearest bottle and say to it : Baptisia Tinctoria 200C, drink it between 15-20 minutes from a clean mug or bottle. The next day you will be completely recovered.

If you are worried of being food poisoned you can try Arsenicum Album 200C which will relieave the symptoms

When you are outside during the summer days the sunlight is strong, a feelings of overheating and high blood pressure are arising. Promptly say to the water clearly and loudly Belladonna 10M. The result will be instantaneous. You can drink it every 5-10 minutes until you fell better or find a shady spot. You can combine it with Arnica Montana and make complex containing both.


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