Intestinal nosodes are less known in homeopathy therefore rarely used
Intestinal nosodes are information about gram-negative bacteria found normally in every human being but in chronically ill people they are much more

They cause infections on almost every organs and tissues

Intestinal nosodes

1. Morgan-puri – /Morganella/ – Gram-negative bacteria causing acute infections of urethritis ,pericarditis ,infections of Central Nervous System CNS, peritonitis , sepsis , infections of muscles and skeleton , endophthalmitis. This nosode is working where Sulfur does not , although is presented.

Morgan-puri is great remedy for those who did not recover from pneumonia and catarrhs of upper part of respiratory organs. Тhе remedy is presented for asthma and ease conditions where Аrsenicum, Pulsatilla, Natrium-sulfuricum cannot manage.
It is presented for urological infections (cystitis) ,gastritis and ulcers , heavy kidneys infections where remedies like Sulfur and Lycopodium do not impact condition.
Presented also for eczema, which at first requires Sulfur / redness, burnt, worsening from hot and water/.

2. Proteus – group of gram-negative bacteria causing urological ,sepsis, pneumonia, gastroenteritis, meningitis.
This nosode is effective when acid dyspepsia and feeling for burning in the oesophagus.
Proteus bound up with metabolism and nervous system. Therefore is well presented when there are spasms in intestinal system due to neuro-vegetative reasons.
The nosode is similar to hysterical Matrium-muriaticum. Nо self-control or endurance typical for salt. These are hysterical behaving like children adults

Nosode is to be given in high attenuations –over 10M, CM, 100CM. No doubt they can be made verbally. They are natural supplement to complexes for urological infections, intestinal infections, infections in genital system, breathing problems.
Other nosodes of such type: Morgan-gaerther, Pseudomonas, Haemophilus

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