1. Like any other homeopathic treatment, this is also an INFORMATIONAL treatment. No active substance is contained in homeopathic remedies.

2. Homeopathic treatment is a WAY OF LIFE. You cannot OVERDOSE on it and no time would be inappropriate to apply it. Homeopathy impacts the person’s inner bodies and alters his or her energy condition and, as a result, the organism fine-tunes itself for change and healing. This is an individual process that depends on one’s own abilities: age, lifestyle – food, sleep, clothing, home, occupational stress, family and relationships – immune system level, genetic predisposition, past disorders and current chronic diseases.

3. Homeopathic treatment COMBINES WELL with any other type of treatment: allopathic (contemporary medicine), surgical interventions, immunotherapy, herbal treatment, rehabilitation, bioenergetic therapy, administration of dietary supplements. This creates the so called “all round defense” and the organism is stimulated for treatment at all possible levels – psychological, energetic, and physical.

10 rules for the application of verbal homeopathy

4. The number of administrations for homeopathic products is unlimited and they can be given every 3–5 minutes in emergency cases.

5. Homeopathic treatment has a PREVENTIVE effect and preparations can be administered before the possible onset of specific symptoms. The remedies can be administered before vaccination, surgical interventions, dental procedures, heavy physical or sports activities, exhausting trekking, climbing, diving, swimming, jumping, traveling by plane, and any other similar activity.

6. Homeopathic treatment is most efficient in the initial stage of ACUTE and EMERGENCY cases (traumas: wounds, fractures, soreness, bruises, dislocations, stings and bites, poisoning, burns), acute crises of various diseases related to the vascular, genitourinary, gastrointestinal systems. Where the damage is not just functional, but medium and severe organ damage has occurred, the homeopathic treatment must be combined with other conventional medicine treatment methods; however, administration of the homeopathic remedies should not be suspended even if the patient is in the ICU. In such complex and life-threatening situations, the remedies have an exceptionally beneficial, sometimes crucial effect on the overall treatment procedure.

7. Homeopathic treatment, like any other, requires rest, staying at home, a sparing regimen, suitable diet, and calmness. Otherwise, we might be talking of a SUPPORTING CAUSE and the treatment effect may be weak or insignificant. It should be remembered that homeopathic treatment is based on the maximum effort possible of the organism’s immune and recuperative ability. Therefore any unnecessary strain is contraindicated.

8. Homeopathic verbal products can be administered both independently and in complexes because the patient’s condition will often change within minutes or hours and this may necessitate change of the preparations being administered. Administering complex preparations facilitates the alleviation or prevention of such a situation.

9. Homeopathy is NO PANACEA. In severe, chronic organ damage, where the organism has exhausted its recuperative abilities, homeopathy is certainly insufficient and combining it with allopathic and/or surgical treatment is mandatory. This applies to people with renal, cardiac, respiratory, or polyorganic insufficiency, advanced oncological, psychological, and neurological conditions, to those who have suffered severe damage and trauma, as well as those in a state of shock or unconscious as a result of car, home or occupational accidents, burns, drowning, or poisoning.

10. Homeopathy is combined and is must be administered as adjunctive treatment in all of the cases mentioned above. This will increase manifold the patient’s chances of survival and of faster and complete recovery.