1. Тhuya occidentalis – Yellow Cedar. Say [Tuya oksidentalis D3, 200C, 10M].
Indications: chronic infections of the ENT and the upper respiratory tract, such as relapsing rhinopharingitis, angina, bronchitis, otitis; hypersensitivity to medication; pathology due to vaccines, overuse of antibiotics and corticoid medicines; delayed occurrence of asthma and allergy; deep infection of the organism; depression.

Complex No. 3

2. Тuberculinum – a biotherapeutic prepared from Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Say [Tuberkulinum D3, 200C, 10M].
Indications: in thin, lanky people with phosphorus construction who frequently suffer from infections of the upper respiratory tract and of the ENT; recurrent illnesses with a weak immune response to infectious agents; highly sensitive to cold; frequent sweating, growth disorders; recurrent rhinopharyngitis, bronchitis, otitis, hypertrophy of the tonsils, respiratory allergies, laryngitis, stye; depressiveness.

3. Silicea – silicon dioxide. Say [Silitseya D3, 200C, 10M].
Indications: chronic suppurative bronchitis; frequent illness from even the slightest cold or indisposition; intolerance to vaccines; purulent expectoration – yellowish phlegms, heaviness in the lungs, weakness, easy fatigability, hypersensitivity, intolerance to draft and cold, easy sweating; reduced immunity; widening of the bronchi; pleurisy.
The verbal remedy, like the homeopathic, is adjunctive to the treatment of AIDS.

4. Hepar sulfur – potassium sulfide limestone. Say [Hepar sulfur D3, 200C, 10M].

Indications: acute chronic tracheobronchitis with a tendency to suppuration; hollow, hoarse cough that worsens over time; high temperature, weakness, tendency to super-infection; purulent phlegms, sweating from the slightest effort; deep pain in the lungs, wheezy crepitation.
This remedy should be administered for prevention throughout the fall-winter period against recurrent infections of the upper respiratory tract and ENT.

5. Carcinosinum – prepared from pathologically altered cells of several types of cancer tissue. Say [Kartsinozinum D3, 200C, 10M].

Indications: frequently recurrent diseases of the upper respiratory tract and ENT; poor immune response to infectious agents; constantly ill children having insufficient energy, who gnaw their nails and grind their teeth.

6. Pulsatilla – pasqueflower. Say [Pulsatila D3, 200C, 10M].
Indications: bronchitis with a productive cough with a yellow, sometimes greenish secretion; recurrent disorders of the upper respiratory tract and ENT; chronic bronchitis; asthma; emotional hypersensitivity and tearfulness; relief with fresh air.

7. Tuberculinum aviaire – avian tuberculin. Say [Tuberkulinum aviaireh D3, 200C, 10M].
Indications: in delicate children with a weak immune reaction to infections and frequent disorders of the ENT, as well as the upper respiratory tract; frequent children’s bronchitis, including of allergic origin; asthma.

8. Natrum muriaticum – sodium chloride. Say [Natrum muriatikum D3, 200C, 10M].
Indications: general weakness after frequent, recurrent, acute disorders, leading to the weakening of the general immunity; anemia, depressive states, recurrent emotional stress; asthma, allergies, recurrent rhinopharyngitis, sinusitis, chronic bronchitis.

9. Lycopodium clavatum – wolf’s-foot clubmoss (groundpine). Say [Likopodium klavatum D3, 200C, 10M].
Indications: chronic pneumopathy to the right, asthma with suffocation, dry cough, accompanying skin complications such as eczema, urticaria, seborrhea; sensitivity to cold, but relief with fresh air; hypersensitivity and anxiety; emotional intolerance; premature aging; depression.

10. Psorinum – biotherapeutic from lysate of the serous fluid of skin disturbances, caused by the scabies agent. Say [Psorinum D3, 200C, 10M].
Indications: recurrent rhinopharyngitis, otitis, bronchitis, occurring even from the slightest cold; weakened organism, aged appearance; unhealthy, unclean skin, difficult recovery after acute illnesses; sensitivity to woolen clothes; intolerance to cold.

11. Medorrhinum – a biotherapeutic prepared from the lysate of gonorrheic discharge. Say [Medorinum D3, 200С, 10М].
Indications: dysfunction of the immune system following vaccination and chemical contamination; chronic and recurrent infections of the upper respiratory tract such as rhinopharyngitis, anginas, chronic bronchitis, asthma, eczema; chronic and acute infections of the genitourinary system, inflammations of the large joints; stiffness; depressive and neurotic states; schizoid state.
Remedies that can be added to this complex include Calcarea carbonicа (for plump and languid persons with shortened structure), Calcarea phosphoricа (tall, thin and restless people), Calcarea fluorica (flexible, thin, agile people who are not particularly proportionate and exhibit a noticeable asymmetry of the body).
These remedies correspond to the constitutional type. More detailed information on them can be found at the end of this book where they are described separately.

After saying the name of each preparation, shake the vial vigorously.

The complex described here can all be prepared using the universal attenuation “quantum satis potentia” . Find out more on chapter 28.