Verbal Homeopathy™or Your Health for Free.Homeopathic products can be made using words.


Homeopathic products can be made using words.

Verbal Homeopathy™


Your Health for Free



There are things that people have always dreamed about and when discovered, these change their lives. During these last years, this is technology. Just see how a simple software application such as Skype or GPS navigation have made the world more easily accessible. What I am preoccupied with and wish to introduce to you is an innovation that will be changing your life for years ahead. Because its boundaries have not been outlined. It can only be limited by your imagination.

When I decided to write this book I was well aware believing it would be very hard. Nevertheless I decided to do it because I know from experience that there are people who will embrace this idea the moment they hear it. The ideas within this book are the natural progression of the years of wandering of many people who sense that they are close to finding a way out for themselves or for someone close but for one reason or another they have been unable to reach it. This is why the information here will be familiar, understandable and accessible. While for the others I can just say that it only takes a small effort to prove what is written here true.

A slightly different model is needed than the consumer thinking model imposed on human knowledge. Because this outlook on life does not situate the human being as a value in society. This ‘traditional’ outlook sees competition in society and the desire for excess profit as a higher value. Which is why you need to accept that it is possible to live differently, in a way that all is dependent on you, completely free and sometimes immaterial. In practice, you need the knowledge I am writing about below, some phials with pipettes, water and several minutes.

You may think that I have written a wishful for some subtitle – “Your Health for Free”. You may even think that it is insolent, especially knowing how much you spend on health, which is often to no avail. Therefore, I beg you to read this book through calmly, even if it came to you by accident. With just some small effort you will see that health can be independent of medicines.

Myself, and the people who I have been teaching for quite a while to this innovation, have been persuaded that it is really possible to achieve positive results without great effort or expenses. And every one of them (and already some of you) who has began to independently develop this method can bestow it absolutely for free to the person next to them. Actually, to them only who need it and who have eyes to see it…

Pharmacy has its own market logic. It is cleverly using medicine and people’s suffering. People need to be ill but they also need to be alive. Thus everyone is perpetually paying for their health insurance and the fiscal system of health care is working indefeasibly. A part of it is used to create the illusion that there is no other way to be healthy. But this has transgressed all boundaries there are. Not only the American and European security systems are facing imminent collapse. Asian funds will meet the same fate as well. The global economic, energy and resource crises are revisiting humanitarian problems in a new way. Think about this! In the world crisis that is only now beginning, after energy and food, antibiotics, which have for a long time not been as effective as initially, will be the first to disappear. And that is objective reality, a reality that requires educated people to adopt a new approach, but not at the expense of nature and excessive consumption.  They simply don’t work any more.

There is a model which is right before our eyes. This model requires knowledge and a balanced examination of what every people have known and subconsciously practiced since the depths of time.  And last but not least, homage to the Creator and His goods.

Everyone will be able to do it even for fun. The amazement and the result, however, will be complete.

I have always believed that things are not what official science purports them to be. It is constantly trying to convince us that all things in the world are mechanical and dry, subject solely to the “laws” of physics and chemistry and that there is nothing beyond the form of things.

Scientific theories are however unable to explain the origin, the essence and purpose of life. Most scientists claim that life is an act of chance, without a specific purpose or intent. It is hard to rationally accept that the birth of any human being is the blind game of otherwise “strict” laws. It is completely illogical to adopt the idea that all of nature, the billions and billions of stars with their tremendous power and complex star systems are the accidental product of an evolution with no particular goal. That all the richness surrounding us is something indefinite floating in the chaos of infinite space.

We simultaneously proclaim ourselves to be the most intelligent creatures of this world of accident even attributing the fact of being reasonable to blind fate. Despite our enormous intellect we are incapable of comprehending even the slightest part of natural processes, and when we touch them and begin to understand their sophisticated and all-embracing mechanism of function we are only left in awe and respect. It turns out that the most intelligent creatures cannot grasp the simple “mechanic” planetary processes and explain, for instance, earthquakes; that man, however much he may be trying to imitate nature cannot create life; that when we interfere with the work of biosystems, we are usually bitterly regret it; that medicine practically has no idea how diseases occur (next to some 90% of diseases textbooks in medicine will have the expression: “uncertain etiology”) and finally why some people are ill and others are not in the same mechanical circumstances.

The answer to all these riddles obviously is that everything around us is way more complicated and perfect than we may think and that the mechanisms defining it are not those exactly that they are trying to impose on us as exclusive. Most of all, the idea that everything was created by accident and for no purpose.

It is obvious, once we think about it, that we interact with and are part of the Great Creation of a Great Creator and that our life is actually so boundless, rich and magnificent and that we only hardly touch it, thinking of ourselves as physical bodies only.

And when you ascertain the facts given here and are convinced that they really work, you will have clear proof that behind this visible substance of things there exists another, invisible and powerful world. And that world predetermines ours completely.

This is why the doubt of science, and the doubt of many intelligent people, that God does not exist is unforgivable. There is no greater lie than this!