The convenience and efficiency of Verbal Homeopathy

During the summer vacation, people often get into an incident in the mountain, at the seaside or on the road. In these situations Verbal Homeopathy is irreplaceable as a first aid within seconds of the accident. For example you can get …

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What to do if we know nothing about homeopathy?

Homeopathy is a complex science that requires studying, a lot of time and intuition. Discovering the medications that correspond to your type of emotionality is particularly difficult.
So even if we cannot master it, we can help ourselves by speaking our diagnosis and possible causes for the disease to the water.

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Intestinal nosodes

Intestinal nosodes are less known in homeopathy therefore rarely used Intestinal nosodes are information about gram-negative bacteria found normally in every human being but in chronically ill people they are much more They cause infections on almost every organs and tissues 1. Morgan-puri – /Morganella/ – Gram-negative bacteria causing acute infections of urethritis ,pericarditis ,infections

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